Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Map of the book






 Dear Advanced class’ participants:

With many congratulates because of the beginning time of new semester in TSE English courses (TEC),

please find the Market Leader outlines as follows:






Unit Discussion Texts Language work Skills Case study

What makes a good communicator?

Reading: Communications problemsListening: An interview with a communications expert Words to describe good and bad communicatorsIdioms Problem solving on the phone Creating a sense of identity: Improve communi-
cations in a global company
Writing: memo
International marketing

Discussion of international brands

Reading: The international marketing mix – Financial TimesListening: Authentic brainstorming meeting Marketing collocationsNoun compounds and noun phrases Brainstorming Zumo: creating a global brand: Reposition a sports drink for the global marketWriting: memo
Building relationships

Discuss business relationships and do a quiz

Reading: Relationship marketingListening: Interviews with people promoting business relations Words to describe relationsMulti-word verbs Networking Getting to know you: Discuss ways to promote customer loyaltyWriting: sales letter

Defining success

Learning from mistakes

Reading: Mobile phones- Financial TimesListening: An interview with a management expert PrefixesPresent and past tenses Negotiating Camden FC: Negotiate a sponsorship deal for a football teamWriting: press release or letter
Job satisfaction

Discuss motivation and do a quiz on stress

Discuss how job titles affect motivation

Reading: Fringe benefits – Financial TimesListening: An interview with an expert on job satisfaction Words for describing motivating factorsPassives Handling difficult situations Office attraction: Devise a policy on close relationships at workWriting: guidelines

Discuss everyday risk and risk in business

Reading: Risks from globalisation – PR newswireListening: An interview with an expert in risk management Words for describing riskIntensifying adverbs Reaching agreement A risky business: Consider options to improve a clothing company’s profitWriting: report

Discuss the use of the Internet

Reading: Using the Net – Business WeekListening: An interview with an e-commerce entrepreneur Internet termsConditionals Presentations KGV Europe: Decide whether a music retailer should trade on the internetWriting: memo
Review unit A        
Team building

Do a quiz about thinking styles

Reading: Successful team-working – Accountancy magazineListening: An interview with a team-building expert PrefixesModal perfect Resolving conflict The new boss: Look at ways of improving the performance of a sales teamWriting: letter
Raising finance

Ways of raising money

Reading: Financing start-up business – Financial TimesListening: Interview with the founder of an Internet business consultancy Financial termsDependent prepositions Negotiating Vision Film Company: Negotiate a finance package to make a feature filmWriting: e-mail
Customer service

What people complain about

Customer complaints

Reading: Customer delight – Financial TimesListening: New technology in customer service Handling complaintsGerunds Active listening Hermes Communi-cations: Prioritise and deal with complaintsWriting: memo
Crisis management

When is a problem a crisis?

Reading: Airline crashes – Financial TimesListening: An interview with a crisis management expert Noun phrases with/without ofSimilarities and differences Asking and answering difficult questions Game over: Manage a crisis over pirated softwareWriting: report
Management styles

Do’s and don’ts for managers

Reading: Who would you rather work for – GuardianListening: An interview with a business author Management qualitiesText reference Putting people at ease Zenova: Assess feedback from employees to improve management stylesWriting: action minutes
Take-overs and mergers

Pros and cons of take-overs and mergers

Reading: Why mergers fail – Financial TimesListening: An interview with an executive who has recently made a large acquisition Words to describe take-overs and mergersHeadlines Summarising in presentations Group Bon AppetitPLC: Discuss the risk of take-over and consider making new acquisitionsWriting: report
The future of business

Personal predictions

Reading: Products and services of the future – Financial TimesListening: An interview with a trend watcher Describing the futureThe language of prediction Getting the right information Yedo Department Stores: Look at trends and increase profitability of an up-market department storeWriting: report
Review unit B        

Changed program

According the students’ questionnaire result, the rest Advanced sessions will be held on 10th and 12nd March. On Monday 12 March you will have the final exam (Market Leader-term I).

Wish you the best

Alert on midterm exam

Dear Advanced Class students (Market Leader Course):

Please check upcoming exam dates those will be announced in TEC, carefully. We will make no exceptions.

The winter course midterm exam will be done at 3 on Mon. February 6, 2012 and the exam items will be as follows:

Listening °

Function °

Vocabulary °

Writing in 60 words °

Hope you pass it successfully!

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